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Mitch Murder Album Trailer

2014-06-04 20:38:20 by spacefader

New Mitch Murder Album trailer I did. Check it out.


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2014-06-05 09:57:18

Would they be cool with that on NG too? It's on the short end but I'd still front page it because I fiend for stuff by you.

(Updated ) spacefader responds:

Cheers Tom. There is going to be a 4min music video released next month that I would like to try get on here. I will ask the label, I am not sure the deal there but I don't see how it would be a problem. Not sure how the rights work with these things.


2014-06-12 21:10:11

This is awesome... didn't know you were doing something for Mitch Murder as well.


2014-06-24 23:44:31

oh crap! this is an awesome combination! can't wait for the album release....and if there's a whole video for Mitch Murder made like this, I'll jizz

spacefader responds:

There is, will hopefully be out next month.


2014-11-13 17:26:06

Just bought both of your albums... You are fucking awesome!


2015-10-12 05:39:22

Been quite a while since you have posted anything on here any plans?

spacefader responds:

I am working on stuff but its hard. I need to concentrate on my financial situation at the moment which means alot of upskilling. I have something i am going to try out but it wont really be like my previous work to be honest.


2016-01-09 21:01:27

Figured this might be of interest...


2016-01-12 14:13:10

Saw the music video. Recognized the style, and I'm happy to find out it was you! Wonderful job! Are you still doing music videos?


2016-02-19 11:03:14

Finally read your response too me. Man sorry to hear about the financial problems...honestly I'd rather you not throw out some more work if it's gonna be nowhere near what you were known for to be honest.

We wont forget ya and will welcome ya back when you are able to do the work that people are so impressed with ;)

spacefader responds:

Hey man thanks a lot. I am actually OK moneywise now. Just need to start making stuff again.


2017-07-31 11:46:08

Is it safe to assume youa re done doing these? Been over 3 years.